Simultaneous Heart / Breath Sound and Temperature Monitoring
LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes

Unparalleled Accuracy and Reliability in Monitoring
Heart / Breath Sounds

NOVAMED USA, the recognized leader in auscultation with LIFESOUND Heart and Breath Sound Monitoring Systems, has utilized its acoustic and electronic technology to develop a superior esophageal stethoscope.

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes are designed to maximize the acoustical performance of heart and breath sounds for measurably improved sound reproduction.

Sound Output Comparison - 18FR Esophageal Stethoscope

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes graph

This chart illustrates the acoustical performance of LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes in comparison with top competitors. As proven in this study, LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes provide the most stable, accurate reproduction of heart / breath sounds. LIFESOUND's superior acoustical performance ensures outstanding clarity for more reliable patient monitoring.

Core Body Temperature Monitoring

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes are available with electronic temperature monitoring capabilities. A uniquely designed thermistor sensor is positioned inside the balloon to provide a continuous, accurate measurement of core body temperature.

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscopes 400 Series
  • Engineered to maximize transmission of heart and breath sounds.
  • Reliable temperature accuracy +/- 0.2°C for full clinical scale.
  • Satin-finish tubing for ease of insertion and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Twisted pair wiring and double strain relief provide safety reinforcement.
  • Available in a complete range of sizes - 9FR, 12FR, 18FR, 24FR.
  • Available with or without temperature monitoring capability.
  • Latex-Free.

Package Quantity 40/Box, 160/Case.
The numbers below indicate 160/case packaging.

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscope
400 Series
Model Description
10 - 1535 - 160 9FR ES, 400 Series
10 - 1540 - 160 12FR ES, 400 Series
10 - 1550 - 160 18FR ES, 400 Series
10 - 1560 - 160 24FR ES, 400 Series

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscope
700 Series
Model Description
10 - 1735 - 160 9FR ES, 700 Series
10 - 1740 - 160 12FR ES, 700 Series
10 - 1750 - 160 18FR ES, 700 Series
10 - 1760 - 160 24FR ES, 700 Series

LIFESOUND Esophageal Stethoscope
For Heart and Breath Sound Monitoring (without temperature)
Model Description
10 - 1505 - 160 9FR ES
10 - 1510 - 160 12FR ES
10 - 1520 - 160 18FR ES
10 - 1530 - 160 24FR ES

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The Right Connection

NOVAMED large selection of reusable adapter cables Match your temperature cable requirements according to the physiological monitor utilized. Choose from the complete selection of reusable adapter cables NOVAMED offers.
The LED Standard
NOVAMED LED Standard Reusable and Single Use Laryngoscope Blades

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Technology delivers whiter, brighter illumination for safer intubations. NOVAMED USA features the only reusable and single use LED in 100% Stainless Steel.
SCIP Compliance
KOALA conductive underbody warming system is compliant with the SCIP initiative

The SCIP Initiative has defined temperature as a critical variable in patient care, correlating the prevention of perioperative hypothermia with improved recovery rates and the prevention of Surgical Site Infections. As a result, greater emphasis is placed on temperature monitoring and patient warming.

KOALA ∆T Warming System utilizes SCIP approved “air free” conductive warming technology to promote normothermia.

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